Movie & Discussion: The Watermelon Woman

Campus CSDeconstruct

20:00- 22:30 (Präsenz) | for BPOCs and Queers

Movie and Discussion "The Watermelon Woman" (english)

Facilitated by Eden Asfaha - ISD Kassel (Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland)

Synopsis of the film:

Cherly Dunye’s 1996 film, the watermelon woman is a groundbreaking film and the first feature film made by a black queer filmmaker (McAlister). The films storyline centers on the life and work of Cheryl, a black queer woman filmmaker living in Philadelphia and her search for an African American actress named Fae “the Watermelon Woman” Richards, who appeared in Hollywood films in the 1930s and 1940s in roles as a mammy and as a housemaid. In Cheryl’s search for Fae , she learns about black women’s history –in film, and in the queer community, in ways she never anticipated.

Objective of the discussion:

Following the screening of the movie, we will engage in a critical discussion about some on the ways in which the film draws upon questions of intersectional feminism, and how the film addresses the importance of representation of members of marginalized groups.

Information on accessibilities:


  • The event will take place in presence. At registration you will receive a map with nearby parking and a wheelchair accessible route from the nearest stop.
  • The restrooms are allgender and there is an accessible restroom. There is a diaper changing table.
  • There are chairs and couches in the room.
  • There is separate room to relax. There are chairs and couches in the room.


  • We'll watch the film. Afterwards, there will be a moderated discussion about it.
  • There is no audio description and no subtitels for the film.


  • It's okay if you don't join in the discussion.
  • Feel free to bring something to make yourself comfortable.


  • The event will be held in English spoken language.

We want you to come to our event and find a space that is as accessible as possible. Therefore, we would be happy if you write us what you need for this.

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