Workshop: “Calling out

Campus CSDeconstruct

18:00-19:00 (Präsenz) | for everyone

Workshop "Calling out vs. Calling in - The politics of Cancel Culture" (english)

Facilitated by Swazi Mthombeni - ISD Kassel (Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland)

Over the course of the past few years the concept of “cancel culture” began to trickle its way into social media and into the mainstream. Earlier on, the concept frequently popped up as a tool for marginalized communities to assert their values against public figures who were problematic but continued to retain power and influence. As such, it was tied to collectivized demands for more accountability from social systems that have long failed members from marginalized communities. As a concept, cancel culture also entered the mainstream alongside hashtag-oriented social justice movements like #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo – that that were effective in shifting longstanding narratives about victims and criminals, and in bringing about change.

As the notion behind ‘canceling’ specific messages and behaviors caught traction, many members on social media as well as the public used tools such as public shaming, call outs and other forms of public backlash on those that were stepping their foot out of line, especially under the nebulous tenets of ‘woke’ politics. It became clear that the conversations around the concept had taken a different turn.

While cancel culture overlaps and aligns with many debates and ideas, the workshop seeks to explore the concept from our everyday experiences and engage in a collective discussion on what it means to take accountability and explore how this can take place without ostracizing members from marginalized communities.


Objectives of the workshop is to:

  • Engage in a critical discussion about what it means to be accountable .

  • Generate ideas of how to hold accountability without ostracizing members from the community.

  • Explore the concept from our everyday experiences, and identify some of the ways in which we can “call in” as opposed to “calling out” especially in our activist spaces

Information on accessibilities:


  • The event will take place in presence. At registration you will receive a map with nearby parking and a wheelchair accessible route from the nearest stop.
  • The restrooms are allgender and there is an accessible restroom. There is a diaper changing table.
  • There are chairs and couches in the room.
  • There is separate room to relax. There are chairs and couches in the room.


  • The workshop will take place through a series of group discussions using everyday examples of cancel culture from our own experiences and some examples from social media.


  • It's okay if you don't join in the discussion.
  • Feel free to bring something to make yourself comfortable.


  • The event will be held in English spoken language.

We want you to come to our event and find a space that is as accessible as possible. Therefore, we would be happy if you write us what you need for this.

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