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35037 Marburg



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Network: LGBT*IQ Middle Hesse

A queer project of Aids-Hilfen Marburg and Gießen

Central Hesse consists mainly of villages and small towns.

Giessen and Marburg even have a university. That's why a lot of young people live there. Most of them move away when they have finished their studies, but new young people come again.

But also smaller cities like Alsfeld, Biedenkopf, Dillenburg, Friedberg, Limburg or Wetzlar are located in Central Hesse.

In all these small towns and villages, of course, also live people who belong to the most diverse communities of Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans-sexual and inter-sexual count. This is often abbreviated: LGBTI. The abbreviation LGBT * IQ is much more common.

The asterisk * stands for people who feel they belong to other groups, such as:

A-Romantic (you don't feel the need to enter into a romantic relationship)

and / or A-Sexual (you have little or no sexual attraction to other people)

or polyamory (you can have romantic and / or sexual relationships with several people at the same time)

and much more.

The Q stands for Queer (read: Kwier). Queer is often used to describe people who cannot or do not want to live the way the majority of people seem to do. Often this is due to the fact that they were born differently, for example as L, S, B, T* and / or I.

With this page we would like to bring people together who in some way feel part of this “alphabet salad”.

In 2012 we already started to organize a CSD Mittelhessen. Since then, lesbians, gays, bi-sexual, trans-sexual, inter-sexual and other people have taken to the streets in central Hesse cities every year. We still demand today that we are recognized as we are.

A CSD is a good way of making ourselves visible. It is also a way that we can encourage other people. Encourage you to be open about yourself and you “being different”, so that you can then love and accept yourself better as a lesbian, gay, bi, trans *, inter and so on.

As an LGBT*IQ network point, we offer, for example:

  • a common platform by and for LGBT*IQ in the region
  • Space for joint projects that drive the region forward Support in the organization of cross-community activities
  • a home for a self-confident articulation of LGBT*IQ interests

The LGBT*IQ Central Hesse round tables in the cities of Gießen and Marburg are an essential vehicle for our work. They offer the actors involved the opportunity for networking and exchange as well as for deeper cooperation. We invite you to enter your meetings on this page so that others can find you if you want to. It's also a great way to find other like-minded groups and events.


The Hans-Peter-Hauschild-Zentrum is a queer center.

The center is open to all people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual or intersexual. There are many more ways that people feel about themselves. For them too, the center should be a place where they should feel good. Age, appearance and lifestyle should not play a role. On the contrary, we don't like it when people are excluded or insulted.

At the moment the center is still closed due to Corona. We hope that this will be over soon. When the situation is becoming better, we look forward to your visit. Usually there are groups here, like the Trans * Meeting or RainbowRefugees. RainbowRefugees are people who have fled their home countries, because they are lesbian, gay, trans*, inter- or bisexual. The Hans-Peter-Hauschild-Zentrum is also a place where active groups participate who organize queer events or people who just want to do handicrafts or drink tea together. 

If you would like to start a group yourself, simply contact the Hans-Peter-Hauschild-Zentrum.

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