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Network: LGBT*IQ Rhine-Main

A queer project of the AHF

The LGBT*IQ network Rhein-Main is one of four LGBT*IQ coordination offices in Hesse. It offers the opportunity to share experience and contacts and is intended to further improve the situation of LGBT*IQ in the Rhine-Main area in cooperation with the diverse actors on site. The LGBT*IQ network Rhein-Main is an AHF project and has been active since the end of 2018.

Our Activities:

We want to promote and consolidate the structures by and for LGBT*IQ in Hessen. The LGBT*IQ network Rhein-Main can do this, for example through following activities:

  • supporting pr work and networking projects 
  • Providing help to apply for project fundings 
  • Raising awareness of LGBT*IQ issues in administrations and politics
  • Tackling the "blind spots" in the Rhine-Main area
  • Working on previously neglected topics from the LGBT*IQ spectrum

Our Region: Rhine-Main

The Rhine-Main area is characterized, among other things, by the two cities Frankfurt am Main and Wiesbaden.

There are many well-connected actors here whose work we want to support and supplement in a meaningful way.

In rural areas only a few actors are often active. Here we would like to support structures or, if necessary, participate in their creation and expansion.

Whether in a metropolis or in a rural area: It is important for us that we work with local people on their LGBT*IQ issues. We always focus on individual wishes and needs.

The LGBT*IQ network Rhein-Main is active in the following cities and urban districts:

  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Wiesbaden
  • Offenbach am Main
  • Offenbach district
  • Main-Kinzig district
  • Hochtaunuskreis
  • Rheingau-Taunus district
  • Main-Taunus-district

Our Target Groups

Our work should benefit all lesbian, gay, bi, trans*, inter* and queer people.

Therefore, on the one hand, all groups, associations and institutions from the LGBT*IQ area can contact us for support.

On the other hand, anyone who does not come directly from the LGBT*IQ spectrum can contact us:

  • who have an interest in networking with LGBT*IQ
  • who have intersections with LGBT*IQ
  • who have questions about LGBT*IQ
  • who have recognized LGBT*IQ as a cross-cutting issue

So far we have worked successfully with administrations, offices and advice centers outside the LGBT*IQ spectrum.

Our Coordinators

Jana Ammann (Pronoun she / her)

I work for the LGBT*IQ network Rhein-Main ...

"... because I want to work on queer topics in terms of content and structure and to make a difference."

My goal is...

"... to contribute to the visibility of queer issues and concerns, which I understand as an elementary component of emancipation and equality."

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